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A Company You Can Count on For Disinfecting the Mold

Mold Disinfection is not an easy job; it certainly isn’t one that you can do by yourself. You need the help of professionals so your home or establishment will stay mold-free for a long time. If left unchecked, mold can cause serious damage to your belongings, family, and properties. Mold can cause some health problems like respiratory ailments and allergies. They can also contaminate and damage furniture and clothes, and create unsightly areas inside your home or establishment. Some people use do-it-yourself remedies, but if you don’t want the problem to return, or you don’t want to risk yourself and your family’s health, then hiring qualified professionals to disinfect persistent fungus growths is the best course of action. Do not settle on doing the task by yourself because it can lead to more significant problems.

What You Can Do?

The growth of mold is caused by many factors such excessive moisture, and constant change in the weather. Mold colonies are unsightly, and they can cause health issues. That is why you need professionals to make your property mold free completely. It is not advisable to get rid of mold by yourself.

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Why Our Team

Action 1 Restoration is the authority in providing complete and long-lasting home restorations services like mold disinfection. Our team of professionals only uses the best and the latest technology in mold disinfection, and property restoration. We provide free estimations, and we can work with the insurance provider of your choice as well.

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Disinfection Process

Our team of professionals utilizes a comprehensive process to make your home free from mold disinfection and to restore the damage that it had brought to your home or establishment. The procedure is composed of 3 steps. The first one is the assessment stage. The second is the disinfection step, and the last one is the restoration process.

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Cleaning Tools Needed

Multiple cleaning equipment and tools are utilized by our team so that your home will be mold-free for a long time to come. We use disinfection and cleaning agents specially designed for eradicating mold. We also utilize dehumidifiers and air filters to remove excess moisture that causes fungus to grow, and to remove spores present in the air.

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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration of North Carolina For Mold Disinfection?

Our Process

The process that we use in eradicating fungus growth is comprehensive and well-known in the industry. Our team of local contractors ensures that we follow all the necessary steps to get your mold problems resolved and your home cleaned up. The procedure is only a three-step process. But, each step includes several procedures needed for the next stage to progress, and to ultimately obliterate all of the pesky mold colonies.

This is the three-step process that our team utilizes.
  1. Inspection - Inspection is the first step that we carry out. After you’ve contacted us and discussed the details of your problem, we will thoroughly inspect your property to see the degree of mold damage. Also, our staff will also also evaluate the health risks associated with the infection.
  1. Disinfection - After the initial step, disinfection would be the next. Disinfecting your property from mold starts with removing the mold affected areas of your home or establishment. Too much moisture is removed, and mold particles present in the air, walls, ceiling, furniture, floor, and belongings are completely eradicated.
  1. Repair - After the disinfection process, the third and last step is executed. Action 1 restoration analyzes the situation and the extent of damage and proceeds to fix the problems found on your property. Restoration of damaged areas is done, and potential causes of humidity are fixed.

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Why Choose Us

Action 1 Restoration guarantees customer satisfaction through advanced mold removal methods and technology. We prioritize our clients’ health and safety, so we make sure to fully restore and thoroughly disinfect affected areas. The mold inspection and testing is usually not free, but we provide our customers with a free mold removal and remediation estimate.